The Beginning

The 5-Minute Mindset has been in development for years. Bob ,the founder of "The 5-Minute Mindset" although a highly successful real estate broker, struggled with a weight problem for many years. He would lose 20 pounds and gain 30, then lose 40 pounds and gain 60. Over this period of time, he gained 144 pounds. He was definitely on the weight loss roller coaster. Many of you can relate to this story, not just as it pertains to weight loss but in some other area of your life that you have challenges in. 


When Bob decided that weight loss was a priority in his life, he changed his mindset so powerfully that he took action and lost 73 pounds in 5 months.  He began eating right and exercising consistently.  The most powerful principle for his success was the right mindset.


His brother Rick saw the improvement and began asking Bob how he had lost his weight.  Bob would explain what he had done, emphasizing the importance of the mindset.  Rick wanted to know exactly how Bob had developed the right mindset and maintained it.  He continued to probe and tried to understand exactly what Bob meant. 


Bob's answers to the questions about developing and maintaining the right mindset became the step by step system, The 5-Minute Mindset.

Bob and Rick both realized that whenever there had been success in their personal or business life, having the right mindset had played a key role in that success.

Bob had built a highly successful business that helped others accomplish extraordinary things for themselves and their families.  In some cases schoolteachers, laborers and housewives made full-time incomes working just part time.

So not only is the right mindset the key to business success; it is also the key to personal success as well.

Now the big question:  How do I personally develop, maintain and apply the principles of the right mindset to make positive changes in my life?  How do I get started?

The 9-Steps of the 5-Minute Mindset can change your life.  Buy a workbook and get started today!



​By applying the principles of the “5-Minute Mindset,” you can take advantage of a dynamic system for creating the right mindset that will help you succeed in any area of your life. Whether you want to make more money, start a business, be a successful salesperson, be more successful in your relationships, have a better marriage, lose weight or develop any successful habit or skill, developing the right mindset, “The 5-Minute Mindset” could be the key to your success.

The system is simple and fun to share with others.