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Building a more spiritual mindset in this day and age is challenging at best. Most of us believe in a Creator and that He Loves us as His children. But how do we maintain that faith and trust in  light of the many challenges and distractions we face today? This e-book shows you a simple and effective way for an individual of any faith to strengthen their faith and love for their Creator by developing the right mindset.

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About the Book

This book is about creating and maintaining the right mindset for a more spiritual life. This is a broad topic. In order to narrow it down, we have chosen to address this topic from the Christian perspective. In a poll taken recently, about 70% of America’s population adhere to this faith. We respect the faith and beliefs of all people but for purposes of this book we will be emphasizing the Christian faith and how to build a stronger spiritual relationship with Christ.

The 5-Minute Mindset System was created specifically to facilitate the happiness and success of families and individuals in a world that is increasingly moving away from correct principles and ideas. In this book we attempt to identify a few principles and ideas that strengthen faith and build a stronger spiritual foundation with the conviction that this promotes happiness and success.By using this book and the accompanying workbook, you will become familiar with the nine steps of the mind setting process and how they can change your life for the better. As you apply these powerful mind setting principles in your life, you will create and form new habits that promote a stronger relationship with God and strengthen your spirituality. You will learn how to overcome obstacles that in the past have kept you from achieving your goals to become more spiritual person.Developing the right mindset for spiritual growth may take some time initially, but once in place, it takes just minutes a day to maintain. The 5-Minute Mindset is a highly effective tool when you apply the nine steps of the process consistently. You’ll learn how to energize your decisions by finding powerful ‘whys’, writing your own story, setting goals, staying motivated and making course corrections. You’ll also learn about staying ‘On It’ and the importance of celebrating every success.

Every day we are faced with situations that require us to make choices and take action. When we take action with the right mindset, we enhance our ability to succeed and achieve our goals and dreams. Developing a closer relationship to God requires the development of certain habits. The 5-Minute Mindset workbook and books are tools you can use to assist you in achieving the development of these key habits.
The 5-Minute Mindset is not about developing just any mindset. It’s about developing the right mindset you need for a more spiritual relationship with God and maintaining it.

Using this Book
This book provides you with an overview of the nine steps of the 5-Minute Mindset and how they apply in developing the right mindset for a more spiritual life.
We have suggested several core principles for you to use. There are other resources that can provide you with excellent core principles for improving your relationship with God. We will suggest several for your consideration. Use the 5-Minute Mindset system to help you prioritize these ideas and put them into a workable, measurable plan of action.