The 5-Minute Mindset provides simple and easy to use techniques to help you develop the powerful mindset you need for weight loss.  ​Whether you need to lose five, ten, or a hundred pounds, regardless of the diet or plan you are currently on, this system can strengthen your mindset for achieving your weight loss goals.


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The 5-Minute Mindset provides simple and easy to use techniques to help you develop the powerful mindset you need for weight loss.  Bob uses stories about his own experience and others to demonstrate how to use the 5-Minute Mindset system to develop a powerful mindset for weight loss.

"After I lost all that weight, people began asking me how I did it.  I told them it was a combination of things; I changed my eating and exercise habits and had the right mindset.  Many people didn’t understand what I meant by ‘the right mindset.’ 

The dictionary defines mindset as the mental attitude, inclination, or habit that you use when approaching a situation, especially one that may be perceived as being difficult or challenging.

But how do you develop the right mindset?

As friends and family continued to ask me about what I had done, I came up with nine specific steps that I used to create the right mindset for weight loss. 

As you read the book you will learn the steps for developing a successful mindset and how to use them.  I affectionately call this revolutionary system, the 5-Minute Mindset for Weight Loss.

"In the past I tried losing weight and like many of you I lost some, and then put it right back on plus some extra pounds. I failed again and again. Why?

Not until I developed the right mindset was I able to change my eating and exercise habits lose 73 pounds." - Bob Hoffman

What's Included?


“The 5-Minute Mindset for Weight Loss” System was developed from the personal experiences of Bob Hoffman, a successful businessman and father, who has been a student of success his entire life. The system consists of this book and the workbook.Of this experience Bob writes, When I finally decided that weight loss was a priority in my life I changed my mindset so powerfully that I took action and lost 73 pounds in five months.

This program includes:

  • The 5-Minute Mindset for Weight Loss eBook
  • The Success eWorkbook
  • eBook Forms
  • 9 Success Webinars
  • Accountability Training